April 1, 2011

WonderWoman fumbles

Today, Mike the UPS driver brought the parts I needed for repairing the trash compactor. Hurrah! (BTW, I thought I was being all clever by ordering the parts from a company located in AZ, thinking that would shorten the shipping time. But the parts. shipped. from. IL. Thats why they only showed up today, and not Wednesday.)

I put the parts back together and plugged the compactor in and TA-DA! it worked. I am genius! Well, it worked mostly. Something was wrong with the limit switch and the darn thing wasn't reversing when it should have. Annnnd, while I was trying to figure out what was wrong with the limit switch, I broke some little plastic bits that hold a little metal bit. Now the switch needs replacing. I ordered a new switch from a place in IL (maybe it will ship from AZ?), but since I placed the order on Friday afternoon, I probably won't get the new switch for a week. I feel more like DunderWoman. :-)

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  1. Well, you can't win them all. But I'm not counting you out yet!