April 8, 2011

Yesterday was...

National Beer Day. And I missed it. I guess I'll have to make up for it later, maybe today. And mark my calendar for next year.

Today I replaced the switch I broke on the trash compactor. Something still isn't exactly right, because the motor driving the ram doesn't automatically reverse like its supposed to. I can reverse it manually by turning the switch to "off"  and then turning the switch to "on" and then the motor reverses and puts the ram back up. I did find a tech sheet hidden behind the front panel, with schematics and ohm ranges for the various switches. I think I'll ask DH to investigate this part for me. Mostly because I've lost interest. In fixing the compactor.

So instead I took some pictures of the merino/cashmere/possum yarn I dyed purple last week. It is a very, very, dark purple, nearly black.
 See what I mean?

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