August 9, 2011

And Then There Were 2

My two. The spare college kids went home, or to other family room sofas, or where ever. It was fun while they were here, and its nice now that they've gone. I can actually take my coffee and sit on the sofa in the morning. I can turn the water heater up to "VERY HOT!" to wash fleece, and not worry about anyone getting accidentally scalded during the mid-day wake up.  They didn't eat nearly as much food as I expected.

shucks, the picture doesn't do the texture justice.
Since then, I've been combing more Shetland, and carding the leftovers. I tried some novelty type spinning with the drum carded batts, and ended up with 2 little funky skeins of yarn, one from each spinning wheel. Both wheels worked pretty well for spinning the singles, but the Ashford with the jumbo flyer is a thumbs up for plying lumpy novelty yarn. The sliding hooks on the Pocket Wheel seemed a bit small, and sometimes the lumpy yarn caught on the sliding hooks.

The best part is I loved playing around with making this yarn, and I love how it turned out. I already have a little project in mind for these 2 little skeins.

Speaking of washing fleece, I just finished up a few pounds of crimpy, soft, silky merino, and another few pounds of soft, crisp, resilient cormo. The cormo wants to be a sweater of some sort, maybe with cables. I think this fiber will make great cables. The merino wants to be a sweater too, but something lightweight and cozy.
rich dark cormo
squishy soft merino
Oh yeah, dog hair. This last bit comes from Jombee (I really don't know how its spelled), a Great Pyrenees  belonging to my brother's roommate. There seem to be 3 types of hair in there; short soft and fluffy undercoat or down, outer coat that might be like not quite fine alpaca and then the guard-hairs longest and strongest could be used for sock heel and toe reinforcement. I hand carded a few bits and removed most of the guard hair and spun a bit into a two ply. Its not bad. I'll post a picture later.

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  1. Ooooo...gorgeous dog hair! Want! I'd love to know how the yarn from that turns out. You will post, right?