September 26, 2011

Quick Calculations

The Worlds Easiest Lace Scarf is now about 4" long x 12" wide, unblocked. If I knit the entire 4 oz. of yarn, how long will it be? Hmmm. I weighed the ball to determine how much yarn I've already used. Wow, only about 1/8 of an ounce. Okay, 4 oz time 8 equals 32/8 ths. Times 4 (inches) equals 128 inches. Divide by 12 makes a scarf over 10' long. That's really long.

If I use grams instead, and conservatively estimate 1 inch/gram, that's still 113 inches, over 9 feet long. I think I'll start over and maybe double my cast on. More of a stole than a scarf. And I'll rename it, the Seaglass Wrap. For the color of the yarn.

Okay, I got caught up in the math and I'm on a roll. My 12"x4" sample had 2130 stitches. That figured to 710 stitches per gram. My ball of yarn is approximately 113 grams. That equals 80230 stitches. My new cast on for the wrap is 164 stitches. Based on my now ripped out scarf, I get 6 stitches per inch and 7.5 rows per inch in pattern. So based on the math, I should have, unblocked, a wrap that measures roughly 27" wide x 65" long. That will do.

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