September 26, 2011

Working It Too Hard?

A few weeks ago, as I was sitting at Blondie the Pocket Wheel, something didn't feel quite right about how the jarn  yarn (that was weird, how the J popped in there) was feeding onto the bobbin. Sometimes a bit of fiber wll catch on one of the hooks or guides, but that wasn't it. Taking a closer look at the hook, I saw this.
A notch. Worn into the metal. From wool? Honestly, I don't think I keep such a tight tension on my bobbin when I spin. I usually keep just enough tension to get the yarn feeding on, and no more. But, a few months back I was spinning for sock yarn, and I jused (odd, there is "j" popping up where it doesn't belong again!) used some mohair, and I definitely, but not on purpose, over spun the single. So, yes, I'm blaming the mohair. And maybe the hook is made from copper, a rather soft metal.

I thought about going to the hardware store to get some replacements, but sort of kept putting it off. The other day it finally dawned on me; I have an unused flyer, full of hooks, just sitting in a drawer. The flyer came off my Ashford Traveler, which now sports a jumbo flyer with sliding hooks, which aren't really hooks at all but more like loops. Here is the donor flyer, minus donated hook.
The replacement hook threaded right into the existing hole. Its a bit bigger, but seems to work just fine. Meanwhile, the jumbo flyer on the Traveler needs some tuning up. The place where the yarn exits the orifice and heads for the bobbin seems to have a burr, and keeps catching at the yarn as I'm plying. I need to get everything moving along, as I've given myself a deadline for finishing my Iced cardigan; November 3. Right now, the cardigan is knit down to 2 inches below the sleeves, I've got a fresh skein of yarn washed and drying outside and its time to put my nose back to the spinning wheel.

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  1. That's kind of scary. That must have been some seriously overspun mohair!