September 4, 2011

What the Cat wanted to drag in. (ophiophobiacs beware)

Scipio, the cat, is very good at catching small lizards. He thought maybe he could catch this reptile. Thank goodness rattlesnakes can make noise, or I might be down one cat by now. This is Crotalus helleri, the Southern Pacific Rattlesnake, after being coaxed into a trashcan. I haven't seen one of these around the house for many years, yet earlier the same day we chanced on a larger one that had just caught a woodrat. At least, I'm guessing it was a woodrat based on where it was living. I didn't actually see it. I couldn't get a picture of that snake, it was well into a rock pile. Finding two venomous snakes in the yard in one day has me a bit twitchy. Oh, I let this little guy go, away from the backyard.

Scipio isn't happy that I interrupted his hunting.
And, I decided to start over on the throw pillow after I found leftover yarn. I like it better already.

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