September 4, 2011

Figureing Out What's Just Right

Goldilocks had it easy. Three different times she had 3 different options to chose from, and one was always just right. Never mind that she was trespassing, eating, breaking and using other people's possessions without permission. That's another rabbit-hole entirely. Right now, I'm just talking about choices and choosing.

Goldilocks didn't have to narrow her selections down to three and then pick, there were just three to start with. Only one type of porridge, and she didn't even have to cook it. One was still just right. Seriously, if you're hungry enough, any of them would be fine. Same with the chairs and the beds. It's a shame she broke the little chair though. I guess she didn't get off scott free, the Bears found her and she ran for her life, made it back home and promised to be a good girl. At least in one version of the story.

Have you already guessed why I'm talking about Goldilocks? Yeah, I'm envious. Of Goldilocks. Whether it was porridge, chairs, or beds, each time Goldilocks found something just right. Without much effort on her part. Try a little porridge, sit on a few chairs, lie down on a few beds, its all good. She was even being naughty at the same time. I want to find the Just Right cardigan pattern. And there are so many more than 3 to choose from. Which isn't a bad thing, I like having choices. But I don't want to invest a tremendous amount of time in a project and then decide I did a bad job deciding. Yeah.

Maybe writing some criteria down here, (thinking out loud, as it were) will help me focus.
Yarn - My hand spun Shetland
Construction Details - Shawl collar, long sleeves, prefer raglan top down construction (I like trying on as I go), loose enough to wear over a long sleeved shirt.
Style - unfussy, but smarter than a hooded sweatshirt
Other concerns - I live in Southern California, so while I want it warm, I don't want it too warm. I'm thinking good luck with that one.

All the while I'm typing, I keep looking at Iced, I've already printed the pattern. I've even spun some yarn and swatched it. I got gauge. It looks like this;
It will probably be too warm, most of the time. I can't help myself. Hopefully, there is enough fleece after this to make a lighter weight sweater. By the way, that's a 3 ply bulky weight yarn up in that picture, lofty and bouncy and wonderful to behold. At least in my opinion.

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  1. I've looked at Iced several times myself. I would probably lengthen it a bit, and make it a little more polished looking, but that's just my taste. Have you looked through the various projects on Rav? There are some lovely ones.