October 28, 2011

Fall Cleaning and Mini-Stash Busting

For some reason, Fall is when I get the urge to tidy things up. But most of the tidying is happening in the yard. The last few days were warm and dry, and I've been trimming branches and clearing out dead growth. I wonder what type of winter we'll have?

With the the cardigan finished, and the phone cozy waiting for me to decide what type of strap to add, I decided to do a little stash busting. (This is a type of tidying up, too.) I've an odd assortment of little bits of hand spun yarns; test samples and what not. I'm tired of keeping track of them and decided to knit some kitty toys. The goal is two-fold; no make that 3-fold; use up yarn bits, work on something simple and mindless, and hopefully give the cat something to play with that will keep him out of my yarn stash. Every time I open the stash containing closet, he runs in and tries to steal yarn. And he doesn't just steal it, once he runs off with it he bites it and tries to disembowel it with his back feet. Naughty Scipio.

While I was knitting these, Scipio kept trying to steal the yarn. Now, he ignores them. Stinker.


  1. Must not have filled them with catnip! (-;

  2. What? My cats would have eaten them by now. Maybe he likes them so much he doesn't want to damage them. They are, after all, pretty cute.