October 24, 2011

Whether or not Weather

Yesterday I was checking out the weather forecast for the upcoming days, and was very surprised to see a chance of showers and or thunderstorms for today. Okay, so no big deal for other areas, but in Southern California we don't get much rain. And the forecast only called for 30%, which is like the Magic 8 Ball coming up with a "Don't count on it" response. So I was caught off guard when I heard the big KABOOM of thunder and looked outside to see it pouring rain, and a slightly soggy dog sitting by the door. But the rain really lasted only long enough to wet the surface, and that's probably all the rain we'll see here for at least a month.

Rain and cool weather, well I nearly dashed to don my freshly made sweater, but then decided it wasn't really that cold in the house. But, thank goodness my new project is nearly done,
for I wouldn't want my mobile to get chilly. This is my Mobile Phone Cozy, and I whipped it up on Saturday in an attempt to use up odd bits of my hand spun yarn and practice some color work. I wanted some quick gratification too, so I held the yarn double stranded. The lower, zig-zaggy stripe is slipped stitch, and the bigger stuff is stranded. This results in an extremely heavy weight  cozy, that in an emergency can double as a hand warmer, or even a toe warmer. I'm pretty sure it weighs more than the phone. Now the cozy needs a strap, for those days when my garments have no pockets.

Continuing my quest to use up hand spun stash, I've started on a kitty toy for Scipio. Using some not so fine alpaca yarn. I like to think him having his own wooly toys will keep him away from my wooly stash, but I know better. Right now, Scipio seems to be going through a "what shall I do to vex her now?" phase. For both his sake and mine, as well as the appearance of my furniture, I hope he outgrows it soon.

Lastly, here is a picture of the expanded size Seaglass Wrap. I continue to work on it here and there, and amaze myself with how I can still make mistakes on something so simple. Its good work for conversations, car rides or TV watching.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder why we have pets at all. Koz seems to be engaged in a stealth war with Ross for dominant male of the house. Koz's weapon of choice is, of course, pee. On the leg of the bed (Ross's side). On the side of the sofa (Ross's office). On the leg of the hall table (where Ross leaves his stuff). And he knows he's not supposed to mark, so he sneaks around and does it while we're not looking.