October 21, 2011

A Little More Almost

Night before last, I did not finish the Iced Cardigan. But yesterday morning I bound off the the collar and wove in the ends and did some steam blocking. I love steam blocking, the yarn really seems to pay attention once I've hit it with a bit of heat and moisture.

The next step was figuring out button placement. I almost decided to leave the buttons off. I liked the possibilities of closing the sweater different ways.  Yeah, it seems I'm all about the potential; what sort of yarn a fleece will make, what sort of article yarn might make, right down to how many ways can I close this cardigan.  (I just considered that maybe its not the potential that I like, its the deciding. And while a thing is still raw, lots of deciding can be going on.)

I finally decided that it would be less fiddly if I just went ahead and put the buttons on. Plus, I really wanted to use those cool abalone shell buttons I picked up earlier this month.  Then I had to choose where to put the buttons.  More fiddling. I don't put that many buttons on things. Here is the result.

I think it is just a bit big I and when I make another, I'll play around with the sizing. But I do really like it. The pattern is easy, and I've thought of a few modifications. I thought the hardest part was slogging through all the rows of garter stitch for the collar.

Oh, for the record the blue yarn is not my handspun, but all the rest is.


  1. Shelly, so nice to get to see YOU! (-:

    Love the sweater; the blue "piping" really sets off the rich brown (Browning, right?). In the photo it doesn't look too big at all, just warm and cozy. Congrats!

  2. Ooooo...love, love, love it! Now I need to make one--albeit a longer version to suit my, er, longer frame. :)

  3. Love it! Great job! Can't wait to see it in person and try it on!

  4. Yes Michelle, that lovely rich brown wool is from your Browning. I love natural colored wool. Love love love

  5. I was hoping you'd see Browning's new "look" in yesterday's blog post. Seems the only sheep who don't change around here are the white ones - and aptly named old Inky!