November 14, 2011

Part After Part One

Making new friends is part of the joy of traveling, and of attending an Event like Knot Hysteria. I didn't know anybody else who was going, but figured a great way to start out was to ask around for a roommate. Its fun to have a roomie to talk with about the goings on of the day. So I put it out to the Knot Hysteria Ravelry group that I was looking to split a room with someone, and before I knew it, I'd had some responses. And a new roommate, Purls Just Wanna Have Fun.

My flight started in San Diego, with a stop over in Oakland. I knew some Knot Hysteria were coming from the Bay area, would any be on my flight. Sure enough, I looked up just in time to spot a beautifully knit sweater, and the lovely Bekala, just as she was stuffing her wheel into the overhead. There was an open seat next to me, and we chatted along all the way to SeaTac. Things just kept getting better and better.

Once we'd found our luggage, it was time to find our ride and our van-pool partners. Our driver was a local knitter, with a van. It was perfect. We could relax and enjoy the fall colors on the ride to Port Ludlow.

This is the Resort at Port Ludlow, and I think its a dandy place to hang out for awhile. The food was fantastic, the room comfortable, the staff ever so nice and helpful and this really tickled me;
free bottled water. There are these pretty looking condos if you need more space.
Its a lovely and quiet location. Rain was forecast for every day, but it didn't.

But I got distracted. We arrived at the resort, checked in and checked in again and got our goody bags. Goody bags?! We get goody bags too? This just gets better and better. I had just enough time to unpack my bags and then head downstairs and have a little dinner, meet my roommate, Purls, and get settled in for opening night.

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