November 3, 2011

Up and Running, for the time being

Casualty report: wireless mouse needed new batteries,  the graphics card in my computer is apparently dead but at least the mainboard has on board graphics, and some of the RAM slots in the mainboard don't work any more. I think its time to plan for an upgrade build. That means switching over to newer technology, which means buying more new stuff. New mainboard, new CPU, new graphics card, new RAM and new SATA DVD drive. At least the hard drives don't need replacing.

The day the computer balked, I was all excited to share these moth pictures. I love the subtle coloring on top of the wings and body, and then the surprise of orange hidden underneath. This is Arachnis picta, the Painted Tiger Moth.
They don't eat wool, nor make silk.

And we can get fall color in Southern California, we just have to plant for it.


  1. The most vibrant of the fall colors around here are planted as well. Beautiful moth!

  2. I love moths also. My porch here in Encinitas seems to accumulate a nice collection that often camoflauge right into the color of the plaster. I never know what they are, so thanks for naming this one.

  3. If it weren't for the internet, I'd probably never know what this moth was. When I was a girl in elementary school, I loved encyclopedias. It seemed like everything in the world could be found there. Some days I'll spend hours following bits on information, never knowing where I'll end up. Its lovely.