November 2, 2011

When Good Computers Go Bad

My dear friends, I'm attempting to blog tonight from my 'smart phone ',  as my computer is apparently suffering from a migraine, or something. The symptoms started last night, when the on screen pointer refused to respond to the wireless mouse inputs. "Maybe low battery", I thought. "Or the blankety-blank RAM needs to be re-seated again."
Non-mousing is usually the first sign that my computer is about to get/be a major headache. Re-seating RAM usually solves the problem.
So today, when my computer wouldn't boot up, I played (okay, I fell asleep at this point, continued this morning, so I don't know what I was about to write) well, to make a long story short, there seems to be something wrong with the main board RAM slots, the graphics card and the mouse. Hopefully, I can get it all sorted out this morning.
Randomly yours,

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