January 4, 2012

'Fessing Up

The truth isn't always pretty, but here it is. My creative mojo is missing. Gone. AWOL. I don't think its lost, or been absconded with. I think it walked out on me, slipped away while I was busy with other things.

I know I was just brimming with it after attending the Knot Hysteria retreat in early November. Who wouldn't be? So many new things learned, new creative powers waiting to be unleashed.

But, and maybe this is my mistake, I set aside the wild and crazy urges for trying creatively random stuff just for the sake of trying, and buckled down to preparing for the holidays. Making fingerless mitts and cotton washcloths (which seemed to genuinely delight at least one of my college aged nephews!). Reacquainting myself with the logistics of living with my own two boys back in the house for a month. (Did I mention before, that within days of their arrival I was really ready to ship them straight back to campus, too bad the dorms are closed? I have recovered.) 

I think my creativity took offense to being set aside, and went off on vacation somewhere, mostly likely a tropical place where most people don't think of wool. I'm sure it will come back, eventually. But if you happen to run across it, lounging about some where, would you please let it know I miss it?


  1. I know, I know (frantically waving hand)!!! It came HERE! Since Christmas Day I have been casting on all kinds of new things (for me) and the urge to cast on more and start something on my miniSpinner and ply what's on my spindles has not abated in the least. And no, you can't have it back. ;-)

  2. Well, at least you're making good use of it! :-)

  3. This has happened to me, too. It always does come back, like chickens, to roost at home. Sometimes it helps to nudge it along with things like silk and cashmere :)

  4. Hmmm. I wonder if it ran off with mine?