January 9, 2012

Another 1000 Miles

Took the Boys, my Boys, I miss them already Boys, back to school this past weekend. Sigh. I'm not so good at this letting go thing. It will be end of March before they're back for spring break, if they decide to come back. Home. To me this is still their home, college is a temporary place one spends a few years on the way to 'becoming'.

Notes from the road (I wanted to tweet these, but I don't think tweeting while driving is appropriate.)

Most commonly seen man made road debris; asphalt alligators. Those big hunks of tire rubber that peels off tractor-trailer rig tires. By the way, does anybody know why tractor-trailer rigs are called "semis"?

Most unusual seen man made road debris this trip; duck decoys. It took me a minute to realize what I was seeing.

Most conspicuously absent man made road debris; audio cassette tape. I hadn't noticed its absence until I saw some along the road, and I had a "Wow, I haven't seen that in a long time!" moment. Thanks to the proliferation of CDs and MP3 players, I suppose.

Most common road kill; Barn Owls.  Where do they all come from? I'm guessing the California Central Valley is a wintering place for these guys.

Road gripes; we had a ripping headwind all the way from the north side of the Grapevine to Davis, I expected to have a tailwind headed home, but no. Nothing. One of the few legs with no wind at all.

Something I'm thankful for; my backside doesn't feel like it did yesterday when I got home.

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