January 10, 2012

Not Quite Lemonade

I've decided to make the most out of my missing fiber-y mojo. Instead, of whining, I shall attend to the several unfinished wood working/furniture restoration projects occupying space in the garage. First up is the class project from (could it really be?) woodworking class 2 years ago. The pieces are all cut, and the carcass (yup, that is really the correct term) is assembled. Still to be done; fitting and adding the drawer front, gluing up the door, adding the hinges, adding the remaining trim pieces, installing the slide out board, ditto the shelf, installing the top, applying a finish and finally the door and drawer hardware. And I may have forgotten something or another, time will tell. The piece was designed for use as a base for the drum carder, and a place to store fiber-y type tools. It would feel nice to get that finished.

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