January 18, 2012

Sometimes, the Math Lies

I'd been plugging away at the Seaglass wrap, a few rows here and a few rows there. It was plenty wide, but never seemed to get much longer. I figured it was one of those endless knit things that just seem to go on and on.  But my inner knitter kept whispering, "its not going to be long enough." I told my inner knitter to shush. After all, I'd done the math.  But usually my inner knitter has a reason for saying things, even if especially if I'm busy ignoring her. So I decided to weigh the yarn remaining in the ball. Hmmm, just over one ounce left to go. And this wrap is so far, only about two feet long. "Its not going to be long enough" said inner knitter.

"Bah!" said I, "It will block out." And I kept on knitting, a few rows here and a few rows there.

Inner Knitter tried a different tactic. "Use the tape measure."

I heard that one for a few days. Finally, I used the tape measure. As usual, inner knitter was right. Last weekend, during Sunday's football games, I frogged the 3/4 of the way knit wrap, and started over. This time with 102 stitches. If it doesn't pan out this time, I'm picking a different pattern.

The moral of the story; Sometimes, the Math lies, especially if you didn't block the swatch.

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