February 14, 2012

A Valentine's Day Update, of sorts

I've been futzing along, doing a bit of this and that. I installed new parts on my car, the odometer rolled over 100,000 miles so she deserved some freshening up. I glued up the drawer front on my long neglected wood working project, and glued the drawer into the table in the process. My bad. One of those moments when I'm glad nobody was watching. I'm not posting pics of that. I did get the drawer removed (hammer), with only slight damage to the construction, but it will need some 'beefing up'. And all that excess glue needs removal. I'm not really looking forward to that one.

I'm still knitting away at 'that scarf that is taking forever to become a scarf'. I've done just a bit of experimental spinning, plying up and even cabling some of the stuff that followed me home from Port Ludlow last fall.

 I think the red/raspberry/pink looks appropriate for Valentine's Day.