August 15, 2012

Better Pictures

Or, how the weaving is coming along so far. The earlier post's pictures were from my cell phone camera, and it didn't want to get a nice sharp picture of the warp and fell (that's what the warp and weft become after woven together, but still on the loom. Fell.) Maybe it wasn't able to focus on the threads, or maybe there was condensation on the lens. It's been rather tropical feeling around here lately.
One of the knots in the repaired warp thread is barely visible in the upper left third of the photo. But you'll only see it if you click on the picture to make it bigger.

Warped at (roughly) 24 epi (ends per inch) through a 7 dpi (dents per inch) reed, threaded alternating 3 ends (threads) and 4 ends per slot. I'll weave these napkins in twill patterns. Normally, twill made with this thread should be sett (not typo, but yet another weaving term) at 28 epi, not 24. There is a good reason for this, but right now I don't remember what is it. The kit instructions said these napkins could be woven at 24 epi, for more drape. Is drapier a word? This first napkin is a straight twill. My plan is to try a different weave pattern for each napkin.

This morning I talked to Eddie at Macomber Loom. He said my package is shipping today! I am so tickled that I bought this loom right from the Macomber booth. Its so fun to call, and have them know who I am, in a real how-are-you sort of way. I called to follow up on a voice mail message I'd left on Friday, asking if I could add a raddle (its a warping tool, to help keep things organized and hopefully make it easier to warp back to front) to my order. And since they knew who I was when I left the message, they got the raddle ordered in time to ship out with everything else!

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