August 14, 2012

Looming tragedy

Or, Just When I Think I've Got This
There I was, quietly weaving away, feeling very content in finally weaving. Not perfect weaving, still making some mistakes, but nothing major. Just learning mistakes. I remembered the pair of scissors left on top of the loom, on the castle, and briefly wondered if they posed any danger.  I tossed the notion aside. Even if they fell, they were closed. Those scissors wouldn't be a problem.
Bam! Next thing I knew, those scissors fell from the castle onto the warp, severing 3 threads in the process. Akkk!
"No problem," I thought to myself, "one of the videos I watched showed a couple of great ways to repair a broken warp thread. I'll just turn on my computer and watch that part of the video."
I was still feeling pretty philosophical about about the learning opportunities this weaving project was offering. Heck, here was another chance to a useful technique. Just turn on the computer, sit down and watch the video, repair the warp. A pretty good plan, I thought.
Except for the part about turning on the computer. Push the button and... nothing. No whir and hum of fans and hard drives starting up, no beep, nothing. Silence. Silence echoing in my head. My simple, wonderful plan for fixing the warp and learning a new technique, shot down in flames. And then it got embarrassing, because I'd copied the video to DVD, in case I wanted to watch it on the telly. A great backup plan, if I'd used the correct DVD disc type. But I didn't. Another plan in ashes.
By this time, I was feeling challenged, in an "I will find a way to fix this" way. I knew one of my weaving books showed a way to repair a broken (cut) warp thread. Or three. I looked through the books I'd bought and finally found what I wanted in the little instruction book that came with my rigid heddle loom. I found that funny.
So the warp threads are tied back up, and the weaving continues. I replaced the power supply in my computer, and once again it whirs and hums when I hit the power switch. Maybe tomorrow I'll find time to watch that part of the video dealing with broken warp thread repair.

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