August 11, 2012


I think I fixed all the problems I could find... I'm finally weaving! And learning the next set of lessons.
Some things I learned about warping; Find a place to hang the dang warping board before using it next time. Propping it up on the sofa is a good way to end up with a sore back.
Things I learned about sleying the reed and threading the heddles; If the reed is marked 7 dpi, well there's probably a reason. Its okay to measure it to be sure. Its not very smart to go ahead and sley as if the reed were 8 dpi. Changing the threading  pattern from 3 ends per dent to alternating 3/4 can be done, but if the reed is already partly threaded, it won't be pretty. This will cause (problems) learning opportunities later.
There aware numerous ways to mess up threading the heddles, without the mess up being obvious.
With 3 or 4 threads per dent, those threads can still find a way to get tangled. Beneath that perfect (finally!) looking warp is a potential mess. Have a refreshing beverage and settle in for a little more work.
No matter what that nice lady in the video says, warping back to front might just work better for me and my loom.

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  1. You should use my ironing board idea for the warping board. It is adjustable and the board leans against the wall. I learned my lesson after doing it on the sofa once at Jan's.