December 31, 2012

Exercise - Yup, its good for you.

Happy today, the last day of 2012. Every year, heck even every day, has its ups and downs, its times of struggle and times of repose, sadness and joy. Whether good or bad, this year is nearly done. I don't make resolutions for the new years as they come along, if a thing needs improving, why wait. Also because I feel pretty lame when I find that list months later and realize I'm not even close.

But, the approach of a new year seems to create that mindset, a new year and new beginnings and a good time to thing about making changes. Getting in better shape is ever popular, and why not? Besides looking and feeling better, exercise can improve mood, make us smarter and stave off the mental and physical effects of aging. As I get older, the last part of the previous sentence gets more and more important. And I'm fascinated by current research showing how exercise affects the brain. Here are some articles I found this morning;
(this applies to us ladies too!)

For more articles, just scroll down to the bottom of any of the articles above to find more links.

Just over a year ago, I decided I'd feel better if my body were in better shape and I joined a kettlebell studio. It turned out to be so much better than just a place to exercise. And, I am feeling stronger, more flexible and I think my pants fit better. But some days I still need 'motivating' to get up and swing those kettlebells. Articles like those above, sometimes that's just the push I need. Happy New Year everyone!

PS - The shark hat is almost done, I had to make it smaller again. Pictures soon.

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