December 20, 2012

Still out here

Just busy.
Mostly knitted shark hat, then decided it was turning out way too big. I might have left it at that, but, I was also running out of yarn. Frogged back a bit and reducing the number of increases.  Wish me luck. Knitting time is scarce, mostly because I can barely keep my eyes open past 8:30 most nights. Those evening hours are usually prime knitting time. Day times are flying by, dog/puppy walking, workouts, regular domestic upkeep and then adding the Christmas stuff. Baking, decorating, and gift buying.

My boys are home until after New Year's day, and my brother is flying in tonight. No matter what I do or don't get done, my family is here and I am content, no better than content. If I don't manage to post again before this year is done, I wish for all of you to have a peaceful, delightful and wonderful holiday season. Stay safe and well.

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  1. Have a Merry Christmas with your family, Shelly!