March 12, 2013

Here a Swatch, There a Swatch

And the needles go, click-click here and a click-click there...

I started another round of swatches for the nameless sweater. By the way, once I actually complete this sweater, then it gets a name. I have one in mind already.  Part way through one of the swatches, I decided I needed to go up a needle size. Hmm, I was knitting with US #10, and I'd tried #11s and thought they were too big. Do I own #10.5s? I couldn't remember, and felt too lazy to go search.
What happens if I add a little broken rib?

But wait! In the way past days, I'd entered my knitting needles into my Ravelry account. I used my cell phone to check my Rav account, and yes! I do indeed own some US #10.5 needles. So I put the cat off my lap, moved the dogs off my feet and found the needles. Swatching continues.
More messing around.
I think I'm getting close. I hope I am.


  1. It looks like a warm and woolly knitted corset!

    1. Ha ha! Sounds like the name of a pub. The Cozy Corset. :-)