March 4, 2013

Moving along, of a sorts

Have I mentioned lately how much I like knitting? Knitting, the hobby of possibly endless do-overs?

Saturday night, I finally finished the body of my un-named sweater. I pinned the shoulders together and tried it on. Not bad. Almost what I was aiming for. Almost as in ripping back to just above the bust and making a few tweaks and it would be totally wearable. But not good enough. Not what I was aiming for.  Sunday morning it took maybe hour to change a sweater body back into hanks of yarn.

Before I frogged the sweater, I took measurements and made notes. A few things caught my by surprise. Normally, as I knit on a project, my gauge gets looser. This time is got tighter. Maybe because I was trying knit speedier? The sweater ended up with negative ease, not the slight positive ease I was expecting.  Which reminded me, thicker, heavier garments need additional positive ease factored in. I already knew this, but didn't remember. By the way, I used a garment steamer to take the kink out of the frogged yarn. That was cool. Sometime I'm going to steam some plied hand spun yarn to see what happens.

So its back to the drawing board for this project. I might have to start a 3 ring binder to keep all the notes straight. And speaking of drawing boards, does anybody still really use them, or is it now just a figure of speech, like 'dialing' a phone, or someone 'sounding like a broken record'. So much for the random stuff.


  1. A race car driver, huh? ;-) Was this before or after motherhood?

  2. More of a autocross hobbyist. :-)

  3. I want pictures of said sweater... oh wait, you already frogged it. :(