June 28, 2013

Greetings From Oregon

Is there a term for blog negligence? If not, maybe we should make one up, and then I could admit my guilt for committing such an act.
Two weeks ago my oldest child, Ryan, attended his college commencement. I'm proud to bursting. There is so much ahead of him, and he is such an incredible young man and I love him so very much. And, he wears the things I've knit for him.
Speaking of knitting, I'm still working on my Lattice Be Warm sweater. Sometimes I seem to rip as much as knit, it feels more like knripping. (Insert argument here for the practice of extensive sampling and swatching before starting a garment with no pattern. Or not.)
To the assembled shell, I added a lovely, thick, cushy warm collar in blanket rib. Then removed it. While it was all those things in the first sentence, it was a bit heavy, and the neckline too wide to be cozy. Instead I added a 1x1 rib and made decreases to bring the collar in closer to my neck. Now I can stand the collar up to make it cozier. I did use 3 sts of bladder blanket rib (durn cell phone) at the beginning and end of each row to keep the ribbing from pulling in too much on the edges. I've added some pictures, but since I'm e-mailing this in, I don't know where in the blog they'll show up. The collar close-up is blanket rib, the other pic is 1x1 rib.
I've more experiences to share in another post, about my visit in Oregon, attending the Black Sheep Gathering, and staying at the Morgan River Ranch with my wonderful pal Dusty and her husband.

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