July 5, 2013

Memory Aides

In order to let you know what all I did in Oregon, I have to go back and look at my pictures. This scares me, just a little bit, because my trip wasn't all that long ago and I feel I shouldn't need the pictures to jog my memory. But I do. I guess I should be glad I can remember what the pictures are when I see them. And right there is a very good reason to keep carrying a camera.

By the way, this might be a very long post. (or not)

My pal Dusty lives near Eugene and Corvallis. Her ranch blog is Morgan River Ranch.  The area is just beautiful. (click to biggify)
Looking east
Looking southwest, that's the hay barn back there
See what I mean? In this part of Benton County, people raise livestock, timber, Christmas trees, hay, rye grass seed, and grapes for wine making. There are several very good wineries nearby, and this trip, I didn't visit any of them!

There are chickens on the ranch, but no rooster. Still, we didn't lack for a morning wake-up call. As the morning brightened, Roar, the ranking ranch bull, would begin announcing his presence to any other bulls within a few miles, as well as any interested cows. This was no "lowing" or mooing no, (that came earlier) this was a proud and boasting bugling, sounding more elephantine than bovine. What a great noise! I tried capturing the sound with video, but every time I readied my camera, Roar would go camera shy.

After coffee and Roar's serenade, we were off for our morning walk. Several days in a row the dogs flushed a large bird from the ground, which I judged to be an owl because of its size and rounded wing shape. Dale went along on one of our walks and called it correctly, a turkey hen, likely sitting on a nest. Since we'd already disturbed her, we had a look. And then made sure to leash the dogs around this area.
Well, I just got started on another topic, and realized it really a post of it's own, so here I stop. I hope you all had an enjoyable 4th of July.

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