March 26, 2014

Oh, the uncertainty!

I'm plugging away at my blue sweater, actually very pleased with how the short row sleeve cap turned out. But, I'm not at all sure I have enough yarn to complete both sleeves. I was sure before I started knitting the sleeve, but now, holy cow this thing is consuming yarn! Possible solutions: turn this thing into a vest or buy some additional contrasting yarn to knit sleeves with (bonus, since it would be a solid colorway, I could just knit the sleeves in stockinette, much faster). I'd probably have enough yarn if I just made the sleeves stockinette, but the very reason I chose this stitch pattern is that I don't at all like how this yarn looks in stockinette. So there. Next choice; continue knitting on to find out if there is enough yarn, or cut my potential losses and head straight to plan B (or C)?


  1. I'd put in a lifeline, then knit on. I personally prefer 3/4 sleeves, so maybe there would be enough yarn for that?

  2. It looks like its going to be sooooo close.

    1. Close is good; who wants leftovers???