April 11, 2014

The Girls Get A Garage

Don't misunderstand, I love my spinning wheels. But I did worry about them, sitting all exposed out on the floor. Sometimes the cat would decide to try and play with the yarn on the bobbin, or some human would decide to move the wheel and (gasp) pick it up by the flyer. And the pet hair dust bunnies loved to hide amongst the treadles. So one morning I had a brilliant idea about re-purposing a piece of furniture that once housed an old, tube style TV.

What if the spinning wheels fit inside the TV space? And then the little drawers could hold bobbins and shuttles, and maybe the shelves could hold fiber tools? And I could get rid of the functional but unattractive plastic drawers (that used to hold Legos and such when the boys were little) and just make everything look nicer? What a great idea!

So, with the help of DH and Son, the old (very heavy) tube TV was taken to recycling, and the (also very heavy) armoire was cleaned out and moved from the office/man cave to its new location, my fiber hall. If all the fiber was stored here, then it would be my fiber Haul. By the way, this cabinet is solid cherry, and so well made. And it must weigh over 300 lbs. We had quite an adventure, navigating this thing through a narrow hall, up 2 steps, down 2 steps, almost from one end of the house to the other.

But now it is in place, and the girls are safely tucked away in the new garage. Now, I just need to finish moving the other tools, and hang the warping board. There's room right next to the armoire.


  1. Wow!! Beautiful piece of 'garage' furniture! Good job too. Did Rowyn help much?