October 16, 2014

Catching Up - Part 5

The last of the Idaho/Wyoming pics. Honest.
We did a little hiking around.
going golden
And we went rafting on the Snake River through Grand Teton National Park. More a float trip, really. We started about mid-day, and the threat of rain lifted and we had a beautiful start.

One place we pulled up to the bank and found animal tracks! Elk, moose and wolf! We could smell what Mike said was an elk smell. It smelled a little bit like sheep.
The clouds started drifting back in.
We stopped for lunch.
And uh. yeah. That cloud kept a'coming and it started to rain. And then hail. But not too big. After the rain we continued our trip. Our seats were all wet. So were our pants.
 We didn't see any large terrestrial animals, but we did see a pair of Bald Eagles.

We hit our take-out spot just as the air started getting chilly. It was a great trip, and I was very happy to hop into a warm car and head back to the house.

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