October 10, 2014

CU - Part 4

In honor of the cousins' visit, we rented an SUV big enough to hold the six of us plus two dogs, and made a one day blitz of Yellowstone National Park. One day isn't nearly enough, but it's better than nothing.

We saw thermal pools.

 We saw bison. How can you not see bison? They don't cross the road, they just go stand in the middle of it. Made a big traffic jam.
Awkward family photos
We saw an amazing waterfall, from 2 different angles.
The yellow color of the canyon walls gives name to Yellowstone.
Gussied up by my cell phone.

We didn't see any moose, or (Yogi & BooBoo) bear, but we did see this little guy. My brother says it's an ermine.

And of course we went to see Old Faithful. This isn't a very good video. And there might be cursing in the audio.

Visiting Yellowstone in the Fall is not a bad idea, the crowds are smaller, but the park was still plenty busy. The weather wasn't bad while we were there, a little bit of rain in the morning and then the day was shirt sleeve comfy.

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  1. It's been decades since I visited Yellowstone; I would like to go again. Sounds like you guys made the most of your mini-family-reunion.