November 20, 2014

Why Finish A WIP

When it's so much fun to start a new one?

I was looking for a little spinning project, something to work on whilst sitting with my spinning pals. Something that wasn't a huge project commitment.  So I grabbed a nearby roving. I don't even have a picture of that hank, or remember who dyed it up so nice and pretty.  It's mostly wool, with some sparkly stuff. Firestar, maybe. Here's a picture of the beginning.
 It started off purple, and then went into blue. (Maybe there is some silk in there too? I think I still have the label someplace.) After blue came green, and then silvery gray and then kind of mauve at the end. The color runs are long.  My plan was to ply this with a different colorway, one that isn't made up into batts yet, just sitting in color chunks of roving. But, I'm thinking of heading in a different direction now. I have this lovely, silvery gray roving, wool and tencel, and I think the two would look amazing together. So I started spinning that.

But then, for some reason I went back to the stash, looking for something else completely, and found another colorway that I like. So now I'm thinking about these together. Then I added some black alpaca. Here's what I'm talking about.

 All together, that's 19oz of fiber. To make... I don't know yet.

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  1. Lots of pretties there. It has been too long since I had a spinning WIP; TdF to be exact!