December 4, 2014

Not So Bloggerly

I'm pretty sure that's a made-up word, but I think maybe most words started as made-up words. Maybe someone else has already used this word and created a definition, or maybe I'm the first person. Well, lately you might have noticed I've not been very bloggerly. Very few posts. Nothing is wrong, I'm just not feeling bloggerly. Busy and introspective. The busy part is fine, but introspection, well sometimes it's not worth sharing, or even thinking for that matter. Apologies.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We spent it with my BIL and his wife and the extended family from both sides. We are blessed. Everyone gets along, no drama and the biggest problem is too much food. I am lucky to have such good in-laws.

My spinning is set aside, I've ramped up my knitting projects again. Back to the brown socks, and soon I'll cast on another shark hat. Evan's girlfriend is quite fond of his, so she needs one of her own. She is a lovely person, and I know she'll cherish the handknit. (There is an entire future post here about graciously accepting the fact that another woman now holds great influence over my son. Since I like her very much, it hasn't been that hard.)

So, what's new(t) with you?
 (Sorry, I couldn't resist. We had some real rain this week, and I found this little guy in the pool. Where did he come from? )


  1. I think its a Garden Slender Salamander, a juvenile. Altogether maybe as long as my index finger. First one I've ever seen, I don't expect to find many amphibians in our coastal sage scrub habitat.

  2. Rowyn probably thinks it's an appetizer.