October 23, 2015

Caught on Camera

Actual footage of finished sweater in use.

I'm very pleased. It is warm and comfortable, and I like how it fits.

 I installed the zipper by hand, using one ply of the yarn and sewing the zipper in with an embroidery chain stitch. If I can find the right length, I'd love to replace this zipper with a two-way zipper. And maybe add a button for the stand up collar.
 Other than at the shoulders, there are no seams in this sweater. The collar and the sleeves were picked up and knit from the sweater body. The pocket openings were created as I knit the body and then the pocket linings were picked up and knit in place, using a linen stitch.

I made pages and pages of notes while I worked on this, in case I ever wanted to make another. I don't want to make another.

As expected, the yarn is a bit pilly, too bad. I might re-knit the collar. I'm very happy I finally finished this project.

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