October 8, 2015

Out of Hibernation

Bears go into hibernation for the winter, and wool sweaters come out of hibernation in the fall. Not that there is much call for wool here in the sunny southland. But, I have travel plans, and am soon headed for the Pacific Northwest, where at least the night time temperatures might call for wool sweaters. Just enough push for me to dig out a long dormant project, the Lattice Be Warm sweater. According to my notes, the last time I worked on this was 2013.

The last picture I took then;
Picture from yesterday;


  1. Hmmm; yesterday's photo is loading. It makes a beautiful vest!

    How are you doing? Any chance you'll be close enough to connect?

    1. Well, I'll be staying with Dusty at the ranch, so a bit further south than where you are, but who knows where we'll wander. I've added a picture of the sweater from a different source, maybe it will load better. And, I'm doing great!

    2. Call me if you are going to be around Amity/McMinnville! (Do you have my cell phone #?) The second photo still isn't loaded, but I'll live. ;-)