March 3, 2008

Last Saturday

Well, I did have time to knit some last Saturday, after all. I finished my volunteer duties in time to see my son's team perform. The guys did great, very funny and original and, dare I say it, much better than I expected. And much, much better than what I've seen during practices. Now we get to go compete in the state tournament, in Sacramento, on April 5. The long drive up and back should offer R plenty of driving practice time, and plenty of knitting time for me.

Currently I'm working on a Pinwheel Sweater (by Shelley Mackie) for my brother Tom.

I very nearly had it finished yesterday, then decided I needed to redo the sleeve cuffs on smaller needles, add more garter stitch to the body of the sweater and use a different bind off on the sweater body edge. I guess another week or so before I finish.

Today new yarn and needles showed up in the mail, now I have what I need to start the Printed Silk Cardigan! Yippee! (Maybe knitting is just another way of having packages delivered)

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