March 9, 2009

Rip it Good

Anyone remember the band Devo?

Ok, so I frogged the entire project Friday, and I'm starting all over again. I had everything done but the right sleeve. It would have been ok, but not just what I wanted.

So, off we go again. Using a long tail provisional cast on, cast on 16 sts = 32 sts total when both sides knit. Use seed st for hood edge, 4 sts. Knit a total of 10 increase rounds; 52 sts.

Now its Monday afternoon. My hoodie is knit down to just below the armpits and going well. A good part of this was done on Saturday as I played knitting navigator while Kelie (see her blog for a list of shops and prizes) drove us around a local Shop Hop. Along with Edina, we hit 9 shops in one day. It was fun, but we were tired puppies when we hit that last shop at 5 p.m. This was my first ever Shop Hop, and I think its a great idea. Thank you Kelie, for driving and thank you Edina for the donuts that fueled us for so much of the day.

Would you care for a little whine with that....
Ouch, I was in to see the Dentist today, I have a crown that needs replacing. The good Dr. removed the existing crown and then did lots of grindy stuff (at one point my head was rattling so much I think he was using an actual drill bit), and then he put a LASER in my mouth. Which was fine while half of my face was numb, even when I smelled smoke (why was there smoke coming out of my mouth?), but now it does ache and my gums are not happy about this. Motrin has little effect, perhaps its time for a glass of something...

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  1. (I'm a little behind in my blog reading)

    "Crrr-ack that whip..." or rip, in your case. I can commiserate. I just did that recently with a sweater that I knit years ago, hated, and never wore! I guess I needed some time to pass so it wasn't so painful.

    Speaking of pain, sorry to hear about your visit to the dentist. You are brave - I think I would need to be knocked out for that procedure!